Team Building (and Fun!) at GE

Summertime in the US is almost here, and at GE that means…softball teams are forming! Already I’ve been invited to be on two different teams, and have had to scrounge around my apartment to find my old glove. Though I’m not even remotely a good player (I haven’t really played since 8thgrade), I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people and have fun doing something with my GE friends other than our usual work.

GE softball leagues exist at several of our locations, putting teams made up of different departments and functions against each other. At both locations where I’ve lived so far, there is an annual team made up of IT employees, ITLPs and IT interns that I’ve been able to join. The teams span a wide variety of softball playing ability, but everyone is encouraging and mostly focused on just having a good time. There is some competition though – at the end of the summer, the top teams compete in the playoffs to determine an overall champion.

Softball isn’t the only opportunity for having fun at GE either. In the last 6 months, I’ve also been invited to participate in two different run/walk races, help plan a game day for the IT organization, bake snacks for an international lunch, and go on a cruise down the Hudson River. Whether it’s a GE-wide programs, team events, or individuals finding exciting things to do in the area, there are always opportunities to meet people and have some fun.

The ITLP program definitely encourages this spirit of fun through social events planned within the program and with other leadership programs at GE. Though we may have challenging projects and training classes, we also have a lot of fun events and opportunities to just hang out.  A great example of this is the ITLPs in the Albany, New York area, where I moved for the 3rd rotation. There aren’t any other Transportation ITLPs here, but several other GE businesses are located nearby, and we have a cross-business ITLP event each week. During both junior and senior bootcamp, the ITLPs often plan several events together for weekends, and some even go on trips together before or after senior bootcamp in China.

Whether or not softball is your thing, there are lots of opportunities to be a part of the GE community outside of the normal work routine. ITLP expands this community across businesses and across the globe, giving an even wider scope to the fun you can have at GE!

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